Are SomaCeutica™ products tested on animals?

No. Our products are not tested on animals.

Should I be experiencing tingling to my skin when using the serum?

Some people experienced a tingling to their skin upon first use. If your skin is not used to a strong vitamin C serum you may experience a tingling feeling. This is normal and a sign of the product working.

Does SomaCeutica™ serum contain artificial colors or dyes?

No artificial colors have been added to our products. Some of our natural ingredients may cause a slight change of color in the serum over time.

Do your products contain fragrance?

No. SomaCeutica™ prides itself in product efficacy and safety and ensures that no synthetic fragrances are added. Due to the strength of the ingredients, you might notice a slight earthy scent to the serum. This is perfectly normal and the scent will dissipate quickly after use.

Why are serums and creams important to use daily?

Aging is inevitable and part of life. However, it’s important to start an anti-aging skin regimen to help slow down this process. Our products are dermatologist tested
and our primary focus is anti-aging and brightening of skin.

When should SomaCeutica™ products be used?

We recommend using our products twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for best results.

How long was the clinical trial?

12 weeks, however, benefits were observed throughout the study. Some women saw results in as little as 4 weeks, but, individual results may vary. 12 weeks is recommended to achieve optimal results. Continued use of the regimen will have you looking younger every day!

Will these products interfere or react with my makeup?

No. The SomaCeutica™ anti-aging skin care line will not interfere or react with your makeup.

How long do I have to wait before applying makeup after using the face cream?

Based on your preference, you may apply makeup immediately after applying the products or you may wait a few minutes until the products are absorbed and then add makeup.

Can I just use the serum to achieve good results?

Yes, but the maximum benefits will be realized using the complete regimen of SomaCeutica™ anti-aging skin care products. (toner, serum and cream).

If I have sensitive skin, can I use the SomaCeutica™ anti-aging product line?

Yes, we are a proud hypoallergenic brand. We have conducted hypersensitivity testing on all of our products.

Should I discontinue use if irritation occurs?

Yes, however this is unlikely to occur based on our clinical studies which included hypersensitivity testing.

If I am already using other skin care products, will they be compatible with SomaCeutica™ products?

Yes, SomaCeutica™ products work with other products. However, optimal results will be achieved when using the full line of SomaCeutica™ anti-aging skin care products.

My pump isn’t working. What can I do?

We utilize airless opaque packaging as it’s crucial in preserving our formulation and shelf-stability. This means that the bottle was designed to pull the product from the bottom up, allowing for all the product to be dispensed. If the product is not coming out of the bottle, very slowly push the pump down multiple times to “prime” the pump. It may take 20 or more pumps for the process to begin. Do not unscrew the pump as this will allow air into the container and it may take longer to re-prime.

Can I consume SomaCeutica?

SomaCeutica products are for topical use only. If you ingest the products accidently, it should be ok, however our products are meant for topical use only.

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